Municipal candidates will be hitting the hot seat Wednesday night.

Everyone running for mayor, council and some school board trustees will be discussing their platforms and debating your questions. The Cochrane Board of Trade says it is hosting this event so you can be well informed on where candidates stand before you make your official decision.

The debate night will start at 6:30pm at the Tim Horton Event Centre Community Hall. Here is a schedule on how the night will run:

  • at 6:30pm French School Board Candidates will give their introduction over three minutes, followed by questions
  • Council Member Candidates will follow immediately afterwards with a three-minute introduction. A round of questions from our community members. There will be no closing statements.
  • There will be a short break
  • The Mayoral Candidates will then be allowed a five-minute introduction. Questions from the community, and then a two-minute closing statement to end the evening.

You will be hitting the polling stations to make your decision on October 22nd.