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Lee “LeonBass” Holmes leads The B.C. Boys on a three-gig regional tour next weekend

Lee Holmes, a.k.a. “LeonBass”, has lived in Iroquois Falls for over 30 years.  Now, the musician and some high school friends from British Columbia are doing a mini-tour of our region with their band, “The B.C. Boys.”

“On the 26th of October, we’re playing at the 49th Parallel in Cochrane” says Holmes, ”on the 27th we’re playing at The Wye in Iroquois Falls; and on the 28th at the Airport or the Port as they call it, in South Porcupine.”

The performances will highlight Holmes’s own compositions. His partner, Alana Pierini.

“I’ve played in blues bands; I’ve played in rock bands; I’ve played in country bands; I’ve played in big swing bands, even a little bit of classical stuff and some jazz,” he notes. “So I draw on all that experience when I write the songs.”

For more information on LeonBass and the upcoming performances, connect with him here.

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