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Library display case offers views into Cochrane restaurants and bars of the past

This week in our Cochrane history feature, the second of two new displays at the Cochrane Public Library.

This one deals with eateries and taverns of yesterday, including photos and menus.

Archivist Ardis Proulx-Chedore says two of the buildings that don’t exist anymore had the name Benson attached to them.  There was Benson’s Grill at the Y on the highway.  It was owned by Ben Benson.  The other was owned by his son Bert, and was called Benson’s Pizzeria. It was at Fourth St.and Fourth Ave.

Another son – Jim – ran the Classic Restaurant on Railway Street after the Karam (KAIR-um) family.

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“We have a little bit of photos as well as menus from Classic,” says Proulx, “and even the little pads that have the prices that the waitresses would just tick off. They didn’t actually have to write much.”

Those pads were precursors to today’s i-pads.

Proulx-Chedore invites you to stop in and see the display for yourself.

“It’s definitely an interesting display. I encourage people to come have a look and if there’s something of interest that you think we should display, you can always reach out to me by email and I’ll try to put something together.”

By the way, the real name of Benson’s Grill owner Ben Benson was Existe Emery Benson.

(Cochrane Public Library Archives)
Existe Emery Benson (Photo submitted by Gene Benson)
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