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Les Anges de la Cuisine needs to bolster their numbers with more volunteer teams

The time has come to for someone to take over the presidency of Les Anges de La Cuisine (Angels of the Kitchen) and for new volunteers to step up.  A meeting to discuss this is set for Sunday.

The group at Saints-Martyrs-Canadiens Church in Iroquois Falls has been serving meals to families and other mourners after a funeral for well over three decades.

President Carole Décaire joined Claire Lacelle and her daughters 32 years ago, and expanded it to 12 teams taking turns. Décaire says that’s down to seven.

“So that’s why I’m calling this meeting,” she explains. “I’m hoping that everybody in the parish can attend for their input, and all my Angels come.”

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Décaire doesn’t want the service to end.

“There is no charge. People always gave us donations, of course, but there is no charge, we’ve never charged a dime, and we’ve served thousands over 32 years.”

Décaire says she’ll train the new president and will always be an Angel herself, as long as she is able.

The meeting is Sunday at 2:00pm in the church hall.

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