A bit of ingenuity has gone into a COVID-19 era Easter egg hunt put on by the Cochrane Public Library.

Ardis Proulx-Chedore, assistant to the CEO, says it’s taking it outside this year.

Starting Friday, there will be a paper Easter egg in the window of each of 12 local businesses. The challenge is to find them all, scavenger hunt style.

“And the mission is to find all these eggs through clues that are given through QR codes as well as we made it accessible and have the clues written right on the egg as well,” Proulx-Chedore explains.

If you collect all 12 eggs, you could win a prize.

“So we have some really nice baskets and they’re great for all ages,” claims Proulx-Chedore. “One actually includes some fishing tackle, some different goodies that way and of course, they have chocolate.”

The deadline to turn in your answers is next Tuesday at 5:00pm.