Northern College is suspending normal operations at all four of its campuses, to keep staff and students safe from COVID-19.

President Fred Gibbons says college buildings are closed to the general public, and access is reduced to students once reading week is over on Monday.

“The majority of our programs will move to an online or at least a remote delivery kind of format so students aren’t required to come to class,” Gibbons states.  “But we do know that students will require access to research resources, so our libraries as an example. Some may require access to internet services or in fact computer labs.”


Gibbons calls this “an evolving situation” and says to expect adaptations.  But he’s confident that with four weeks left in the semester, the college will maintain the instructional aspect of what it offers students.

“No one’s year is in jeopardy,” he confidently asserts. “Our objective, twofold, to ensure the health and safety and wellbeing of our students and staff and then secondly is to cross that finish line with the end of the academic year.”