The show must go on. The dancers at Step and Sound studios in Iroquois Falls and Cochrane are taking that attitude in this era of COVID-19, as they prepare for recitals at the end of April.

Owner Stephanie Delaurier says the studios are closed for March break, but will open next Monday with heightened cleaning and sanitizing measures in place.

“Something that we didn’t previously do is having the students sanitize their hands every time they enter and exit each of the studio rooms,” she notes.

Hand towels are also being replaced by paper towels, and partnering tricks and lifts won’t be practiced for now.

“And we’ll also be advising parents to not hang around the studio lobbies if not necessary,” Delaurier adds, “if they can just drop off their kids and then just come back to pick them up.  The least amount of bodies in the studio is better.”

Dancers won’t be penalized if they stay home during the COVID-19 uncertainty. Videos are available for them to use for at-home practice.