Drama students at Iroquois Falls Secondary School get to display their acting chops when they put on a murder mystery dinner theatre on Wednesday, March 4th.

Their teacher, Barb Cornthwaite says “A Taste for Wine and Murder” takes place in a family winery in California.  The cast includes a movie star, a German businessman, a detective and his sidekick, the victim’s wife and her new husband.

“We did this once before and we are going to be doing it again with some different characters,” Cornthwaite states, “and we’ve tweaked it and made some pretty serious changes in it.”

The production will be staged in the school cafeteria.

“So we take all those beautiful caf tables out and we put in something that’s a little easier to sit at,” says Cornthwaite.  “It’s really a beautiful setup when it’s done.  We use tablecloths, a lot of old china and wine glasses and it looks really lovely.”

The old china and wine glasses blend in as part of the scenery.  The play is set in 1920… not coincidentally, the year that IFSS first opened.

Follow this link for details on the meal and how to get tickets.  Proceeds go to the IFSS scholarship fund.