The mild weather the past week has been a good news and bad scenario for snowmobile enthusiasts. The good news is that many people have been out riding during the holidays. The bad news, is that it’s not cold enough to help groom trails and open others. Northern Corridor Du Nord President Mitch Garon says the weather has been tough on groomers.

“It takes more time for the snow to actually set and to get nice flat and hard,” Garon said. “It’s warmer and the surplus of traffic we are getting right now, means that we groom the trails two and three times more than normal.”

Garon says hotel rooms are full between Cochrane and Kapuskasing.

“We have had quite a few snowmobiles in the hotels right now,” he said. “Those are people that come from other communities in the province that come up here to enjoy our trails. The Northern Corridor is one of the few trail systems in the province to be available.”

A large portion of the Northern Corridor Du Nord trails in the Kapuskasing area remain unavailable due to the weather conditions. Riders should consult the OFSC interactive guide for the latest trail conditions