The public affairs officer for the regional air cadet support unit at CFB Borden denies reports that the gliding program at the Iroquois Falls airport is being shut down.

Captain Nicole McKay confirms that the winch and glider are being taken to Trenton for armed forces and Transport Canada-mandated maintenance, and will be back.

“Our intention is to actually bring all this stuff back so we can do this in the fall of 2020,” she says.  “Because we’re only supporting approximately 80 cadets, we don’t need to do it in both the fall and the spring season.”

Those 80 cadets are from four squadrons in Iroquois Falls, Timmins, Kirkland Lake and Englehart.

McKay says electronic equipment, including a gliding simulato, will stay at the airport.

“We actually have our training plan for the next three years – that’s as far out as our training plan is currently established – that we plan to fly in Iroquois Falls, so we’re actually not going anywhere.”