A combined celebration and show of support for breastfeeding is set for Iroquois Falls on Monday morning.

Porcupine Health Unit public health nurse Jenessa Fortin says it will be at the EarlyON Child and Family Centre on Ste-Helene Avenue between 10:00am and noon.

“We’re seeing that the biggest hurdle for breastfeeding mothers are the lack of support and marginalization by the community,” she says.  “So the challenge is to try to increase public awareness about the normalcy of breastfeeding, the benefits to Mom, the baby and community.”

Fortin calls breastfeeding the best and only source of nutrients required for a baby until they’re six months old, and has benefits to mother and child.

“For Mom, we have increased perception of bonding with their child, decreased risk of breast and ovarian cancer, less likely to retain that weight gained during pregnancy, improved self confidence.”

The list is even longer for children who are breastfed of a decreased risk of various conditions and illnesses throughout life.