This time of the year it’s not only the children that will be refreshing their minds when getting back to the school. Ontario Provincial Police Acting Sergeant Shona Camirand Northeast Region Media Coordinator says motorists need a refresher course and be reminded that it’s not just the local streets where the school buses will be.

“Even on our highways a lot of school buses stop on our highways to pick-up children,” Camirand said. “Sometimes they have to pass over the highway to get to the bus. It is important every motorist is aware of the school bus safety laws.”

Camirand says people are under the misconception that they only need to stop when the school bus arm is out and that is not correct.

“All motorists need to stop when the school bus is stopped with its red lights on,” she said. “So the school bus arm doesn’t need to be out, but if the bus is stopped than then everyone needs to stop.”

The minimum fine is $400 plus costs and surcharges and six demerit points. Camirand says even though people are not driving the car and someone else is using it, they can also be charged if their vehicle is stopped by police.