Big yellow school buses will be back on the road next week, when French Catholic schools begin a new year.  The rest follow a week later.  So it’s a good time to clear up any confusion about flashing red lights and stop arms on the buses.

Police traffic specialist Constable Troy Larose paraphrases the Highway Traffic Act.

“When the lights are on, stop arm’s out, you are to stop within a safe distance of that school bus,” he states.

That includes any four-lane road that does not have a median.

“They shall stop before reaching the bus and shall not proceed until the bus moves or the overhead red signal lights stop flashing.”

The point is much more than just the penalty if you get caught.

“It’s a $490 fine and six demerit points and we’ve got to take into consideration the safety of these kids on the bus,” Larose says. “That is the most important.”