Two days to go until the Porquis Rock and Blues Festival, and fencing and tents have been going up in preparation.

“We’ll be all ready to go on Friday afternoon,” says chairman Denis Charette.

He’s pumped, and expects a lot of music fans to be on hand for Friday and Saturday.

“Right now, it looks like more campsites have been purchased online than we had last year, and we have doubled the tickets sold online that we sold last year,” he reports.  “So we are very impressed right now.”

Weather isn’t necessarily a factor, either.  All of the entertainment takes place under “The Dome” – an outdoor skating rink with a roof over it.

“We’ve got the dome and we have lawn chairs set up,” Charette says. “We’ve got over 300 lawn chairs that we have at our disposal for people to sit on.  So with the cover over top of the outdoor rink, it pretty well covers everybody from the elements.”

Moose FM sponsors the Porquis Rock and Blues Festival.