OPP boats are hitting the water for another summer, making sure that all boaters are doing it safely and legally.

Constable Michelle Simard says the same message has to be delivered every year, because people just don’t get it.

“No, they don’t get the message,” she agrees.  “We’re also looking for impaired boaters.  You know, alcohol, cannabis on board.  That is against the law.  You need to operate that vessel sober.”

officers will check to make sure you have all the required safety equipment.

“That includes a heavy line, signaling device like a whistle or a horn, a baling bucket, a paddle, life jackets or PFDs for everybody on board,” Simard lists. “Not just the driver, everybody.  Proper flares, fire extinguisher, etc.”

Simard adds that the most important point is that everyone should be wearing a life jacket.  They don’t work if you don’t wear them.