Kyle Lund says he and his three-year-old son Keegan are getting by day-by-day, almost two weeks after their Iroquois Falls home was badly damaged by fire. For now, they’re living with Kyle’s grandparents, with the hope of moving into an apartment by July 1st.

Investigators say they might never know the exact cause of the fire that started in the basement of their duplex on Anson Drive on May 10th. They were not insured.

They’re still in need of toys and size 4T clothes for Keegan.

“Still looking for a fridge,” Lund – who is transport driver — adds. “Still looking for a queen size mattress, TV, TV stand, just normal things like that.  That’s pretty much all for furniture that we need, that we’ve been looking for.”

To donate, bring items to 359 Nosov Dr. For information, call Kyle’s grandparents’ home at 705-232-4598 or him directly at 705-274-4454.

Kyle and Keegan Lund.
(Photo supplied by Kyle Lund)