Even when you’re outdoors doing yard work, Ontario’s Electrical Safety Authority says you could be in danger of getting an electric shock that could kill you.

Trevor Tremblay is the authority’s northern region technical advisor.

“You don’t need to touch the wires to get a deadly shock,” he remarks, “and electricity can even jump to you or your tools if you get close.”

Tremblay says powerline contact is the cause of 19 fatalities in Ontario in the last ten years.

“There’s a few tips we’d like to share at work and at home and leading into this May long weekend, a lot of people will be doing yard work, tree trimming, that sort of thing.”

“We like people to be aware that power lines are there, so to look up, look out, make sure you know where they are at all times,” Tremblay advises.. “ If anything, that they remember, stay back three metres.”

Click here for a full list of tips from ESA.