While Nova Scotia is moving towards an opt-out system for organ donation, the president and CEO of Ontario’s Trillium Gift of Life Network thinks our province’s opt-in system is working well.

Ronnie Gavsie heads the organization that coordinates all the steps from donation to transplant.

She notes that April is “Be a Donor Month”.

“33% of Ontarians are registered – that’s the provincial average,” she reports,  “but I’m happy to tell you that in your area, 51% have registered.”

Registration is done online, at beadonor.ca .

“We don’t sign a donor card anymore,” says Gavsie “You have to register. If you are registered, you don’t have to renew it.  And if you go to beadonor.ca, it will say either registered or confirm.”

Gavsie urges you to let your family know of your wishes because the ultimate decision whether to donate your organs and tissues is theirs.