Unusual is a really good way to describe an exhibit opening this Friday at the Ansonville Gallery in Iroquois Falls.

Local artist Alana Pierini is showing a collection of photos of Venice at Night.

“That would be, of course, Venice, Italy,” she points out.

Photo credit: Alana Pierini

It’s the medium that’s unusual: Polaroid photos, like you used to take with that old camera that’s still in your basement.

Pierini says most of those cameras don’t take good photos at night.  She discovered a small device called a lab “..that would allow me to take photographs with my iphone, then transate them through the lab into a Polaroid.  So then I was able to get pictures at night with the Polaroid.  It’s really interesting.”

Iroquois Falls artist Alana Pierini behind a mask.
Photo credit: Alana Pierini

Pierini has been interested in Polaroids since 1984, and likes that they’re instant.

“I don’t know of anyone using it the way I’m doing it,” she explains, “ but I know it’s a niche sort of thing, where there’s a lot of people in Europe where there’s a sort of a cult following or cult interest in Polaroids.”

Pierini’s Polaroids will be for sale during the exhibit which runs Feb. 8-March 8 at the gallery, upstairs of the Lions Den on Church Street in Iroquois Falls.