A fledgling art club in Cochrane with a very specific mission statement… has the opening of its first-ever exhibit planned for Winter Carnival weekend.

Founding president Gunhild Hotte says there’s nothing wrong with making art for art’s sake, but Visionorth’s nine members focus on art that speaks about something.

“The North, to do with the environment, to do with econonmy, global concerns, as opposed to just make art.”

The opening is at the Polar Bear Habitat on Saturday, February 9th from 2:00pm until 4:00pm.  Hotte says the 20 pieces on display will compare the plush surroundings that Henry, Ganuk and Inukshuk live in to issues like global warming and melting ice caps that threaten their natural environment.

“This is our introduction because we’re going to have another show that is of a larger volume and it’ll be at the library this summer.”