The public school board covering the area from Hearst to Temagami has a brand new strategic plan, and is taking to the internet to present it.

District School Board Ontario Northeast chair Bob Brush says the plan is the result of 20 consultation meetings with parents, community partners and students.

“It’s a three-year plan,” he says. “ It’ll run from 2018 to 2021.”

The plan has eight commitments.  Monthly online vignettes will outline them over the three years.  Brush says this year, those vignettes will stress three of the eight.

“We put the needs of learners first, and we outline how we’re going to do it.  We inspire and promote learning by, and then we outline the methods we’re going to use.  And our third emphasis this year is we will ensure respectful learning and working environments.”

Every month, a new vignette on the DSBOne website will highlight how the board’s doing in living up to that plan.

Bob Brush, Chair, DSBOne
Photo credit: DSBOne

Bob Brush, Chair, DSBOne. Photo credit: DSBOne

 “And we’ll always be emphasizing our priorities,” according to Chair Brush, “which is equity, culture and innovation.  So this last one was on culture that we just did for January, and then throughout the year we will make sure that the next cover equity (and) innovation across the board.”

Brush sums up by saying the major thrust of the strategic plan is to empower learners to achieve personal excellence, and taking more responsibility for their own learning.  He says it requires everyone involved in the learner’s education to inspire innovation and a passion for learning.