UPDATE:  First card drawn belonged to Martin Tremblay.  He wins $3,942.00 .  The ace of spades finally showed up on the 12th draw, belonging to Manon Collin.  Her jackpot: $30,000.

There’s a lot of money at stake tonight in Kapuskasing… as the second round of “Catch the Ace” wraps up.  Someone stands to win up to $30,000.

Co-chairman James Croteau says the owner of the first card drawn out of the drum automatically wins the weekly prize of an estimated three-thousand dollars.

“If, when we pick your envelope that you have the ace of spades, you’d win the jackpot plus the weekly jackpot,” he explains.

If it’s not the ace of spades, says Croteau, “then we go back to the drum and we start to pick out names, to pick envelopes until somebody wins, gets the ace of Spades and then they win the jackpot.”

The draw will be livestreamed on the Chase the Ace facebook page at 7:30.

All the money raised by Catch the Ace is split between the Kap Food Bank and the Northern Corridor Children’s Fund.