Iroquois Falls’ mayoral elect is speaking out about his win.

Pat Britton is taking the seat with 511 votes. Britton says he is honoured to be chosen out of the five candidates. He says there is one big thing he wants to focus on. “We need jobs in Iroquois Falls. I mean we took a pretty big hit four years ago when we lost Resolute as our main employer. So now we have to look at getting something in town to get people back to work and help the economy.”

Britton says e has one message he would like to remind the community about. “I just hope the community is a little bit patient because things don’t happen overnight.”

He adds he is excited to get together and work with the newly elected council.

The other five candidates ended election night with:

  • Jim Brown: 360 votes
  • Roger Hardy: 219 votes
  • Betty Lou Purdon: 435 votes
  • Michael Shea: 380 votes