A Toronto Star report claims that a Kapuskasing school is one of many province-wide that failed lead tests in 2016.

Community Relations Officer Andrew Marks says the NECDSB was not alerted of St. Patrick Catholic School in Kapuskasing’s failure back in June of last year because he says, it simply was not.

Marks says the 10 parts per billion result was from standing water, which is not a failure by provincial standards, albeit very close too.

He says the board is not to be alerted until a school fails both a standing water and flushed water test, which St. Patricks did not do.

Marks says safety has been of the utmost importance for the school, and their water testing standards have always been high.

He says the board is always looking to make improvements to ensure all of their schools are safe and healthy environments for students.

Marks says the board wants to give students and parents peace of mind knowing their schools are a safe and healthy environment.