Nipissing Vic Fedeli says although the Wynne Liberals are introducing new taxes and raising other fees, there are a couple of bright spots in 2017.  Fedeli says people on social assistance who get child support won’t have the two added together anymore.  He says when both amounts were combined, it resulted in a claw back.   But he says the Liberals are giving this group a break and it helps them get back on their feet.  Other positive changes are travel agencies now post the all-in price which means what you see as the vacation price is what you pay.  And if you need a tow, you can start paying by credit card.  On the negative side the cap and trade system is now in place which includes paying an additional 4.3 cents a litre at the pumps.  Fedeli says also going up are hunting, fishing and camping fees.  Additionally driving related fees are also rising this year.  Fedeli says this area has increased dramatically over the past four years and the Liberal government now takes in an extra $503-million.   The Tory finance critic says the bottom line is Premier Kathleen Wynne is making life more expensive for Ontarians in 2017.