Hwy 11:

Black River to Cochrane: bare and dry road

Cochrane to Driftwood, bare and wet road

Driftwood to Fauquier, bare and wet

Fauquier to Lowther: bare and wet with partly snow covered sections.

Lowther to Calstock  partly snow packed with icy sections

Hwy 101:

Quebec Border to Matheson:  bare and dry road with bare and wet road sections.

Matheson to Timmins: bare and wet road with bare and dry road sections.

Timmins to Highway 144: bare and wet road with partly snow covered, partly ice covered sections.

Hwy 144:

Gogama to Timmins: bare and wet road.

Hwy 631:

White River to Highway 11, partly snow packed.

Hwy 655: bare and wet road

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