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Delaurier Lake property owners want communication on a plan for a gravel pit

A group representing the ten property owners around Delaurier Lake, in the rural west end of Iroquois Falls, wants information and answers about a new gravel pit potentially being added to several already in the area.

Three of the ten owners live at the lake year-round.

Ann Zsigmond, whose family has owned her cottage since the area was opened up in the early 1960s, is trying to get a provincial ministry to confirm the size. She says the test site is very close to properties.

“We don’t think they’re following the rules,” she states. “We want to know okay, who’s accountable, who is the boss here? Is it the town, is it the MTO, is it the MNR? There’s no clear cut process to me on what they’re doing.”

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The municipality says it hasn’t been informed of any plans.

Zsigmond says the lack of communication or consultation gives her no confidence that it’s being done properly.

“Well, we’re already telling you don’t do this,” she says she would tell whoever is responsible. “It’s wrecking our way of life out there. It’s destroying our property values. It’s our legacy. This is an inheritance for me. I want to pass it on to my kids and my grandkids.”

She dreads the thought of the area being ruined for a few tons of gravel.

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