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Graffiti on Pavilion stage upsets Cochrane resident

Cochrane resident Shawn MacDonald is disgusted with what he saw on the outdoor stage of the Commando Pavilion.  Someone has drawn disturbing graffiti on several parts of the structure.

“We have a beautiful facility here and we just can’t seem to curb this racist, anti-Semitic language that’s written on the stage over here,” says MacDonald.

As well as sexual subjects, the graffiti depicts a KKK member and some swastikas.

MacDonald thinks it’s a product of the political climate of disinformation, hate, anger and division.

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“I was in contact with the OPP,” MacDonald reports. “They inform me that it is in fact a hate crime. You can be charged for attempting to disturb the peace as well, too, so it’s mischief, plain and simple.”

Assuming that kids are responsible for the graffiti, MacDonald hopes parents talk to their own children about hate and division in the world, tell them what’s wrong with it; and be present in their lives.

A faint, crudely drawn depiction of a KKK member (above), on which we’ve blanked out some offensive language; and below, a swastika on the stage at the Commando Pavilion outdoor stage.
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