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Cochrane history: Winter carnival activities that might come back

In our Cochrane history feature the next couple of weeks, we’re going to focus on two showcase displays at the back of the public library, assembled by archivist Ardis Proulx-Chedore.

There’s one about establishments of yesteryear.  We’ll get to it next week.

The other one is dedicated to winter carnivals.  It features a program from 1934, and various reminders of modern day carnivals, from the 1960s until now.

Proulx-Chedore says several activities are no longer held, because the groups that organized them are defunct.

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“A lot of them are coming back and some of them are the traditional ones like the torchlight parade as well as the Firemen-OPP hockey game and the carnival parade, the floats that go on the Saturday,” she explains.

Proulx-Chedore says you’ll see things you might wish do make a comeback

“I know the Legion is working on bringing some of the old time events like the Mr. Legs contest back this year,” she says. “You’re going to see some of that in our history display, and you might actually see it this year as well.”

Next week, the other display, highlighting former businesses in town.

Thanks to the library for all its help.

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