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How bingo supports a snowblower in Porquis

In Porquis, at least, a connection can be made between bingo and a snowblower.

The Porquis Recreation Association used proceeds of Monday night bingo to buy a new snowblower for the rink under the dome.

Treasurer Denis Charette says it will also build an enclosure for the snowblower, bringing the full expenditure to about $2,000.00.

“Our mandate is to do recreation for seniors and juniors and basically for everybody,” he notes. “So we’re spending the money in the right spot.”

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The Town of Iroquois Falls removed its snowblower a few years ago, and hadn’t replaced it.  Charette says that now, rink volunteer Aaron McBride doesn’t have to use his own.

Bingo proceeds are also what pay the lease on the Porquis Rec Hall, heat, phone and insurance.

Charette says the organization is offering a Tuesday night weaving course,  and stained glass lessons.

“Things will be looking up for us as we get into the year with the Ontario Senior Games. For our district, we are now the hub,” he adds.

You don’t have to live right in Porquis to participate in any activities.  You just have to pay a $5.00 annual membership fee.

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