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Come on under the Porquis Dome for good outdoor skating

Skating season has returned to the Dome in Porquis.

For the third straight winter, Aaron McBride is voluntarily coordinating rink maintenance.  And this year, Kevin O’Connor has joined him to split the shovelling and flooding duties.

“Any extra help people can provide as far as shovelling when you’re about to get on the ice or if you’ve skated for a couple hours and there’s snow kind of accumulated, shovel off before and after, that’s a big help,” McBride asks.

The rink’s available 24/7.  The lights are controlled by a switch on the side of the rec building.  McBride says they’re on a two-hour timer; and there’s a five-minute cool-down period, so it could take a few minutes before they come back on.

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There’s nothing like a domed roof and boards to help keep the rink in good shape.

As McBride notes, the roof reduces the amount of snow on the rink, and the boards reduce the amount of drifting.

“Just remember when you leave to close the gate onto the ice,” he says. “If it happens to be snowing at the time, then that’ll just reduce a little bit more of the drifting-in, if we get a snowstorm overnight.”

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