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Cochrane history: The time a snowmobiling couple got married here

We’re staying on the snowmobile trails this week for our Cochrane history feature… and a couple who said ”I do” near their Ski-doos.

Rod and Ronda Daviault came from their Southern Ontario home to get married at the North Adventure Inn on Boxing Day, 1995, before hitting the area trails to Moosonee on their brand new machines.

Cochrane Public Library archivist Ardis Proulx-Chedore has more from the front page of the Cochrane Times that week.

“Rev. Sam Shantz of the Hunta Mennonite Church presided at the wedding.  He said Rod and Ronda’s wedding was like going on a snowmobile trip. ‘You are going from riding on your own snowmobile to riding on one. The trail is like your life together in marriage,’ he told the snow-loving couple”

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Proulx-Chedore continues, quoting the groom.

“Instead of a big wedding down south, we decided to use the money and buy two brand new sleds and snowmobile to Moosonee after the wedding ceremony.”

The couple had met three years earlier, and discovered their mutual love of snowmobiling.

Also on that front page was news of Cochrane native NHLer Tim Horton getting a museum in his honour.

Our usual thanks to the library for its help with our history feature.

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