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Puppy or kitten for Christmas? ‘Not the best idea this time of year’ – NOAWS president

As many letters as your kids have written to Santa, and as much pleading they’ve done to get a kitten or puppy for Christmas, Northern Ontario Animal Welfare Society president Tasha Eddy says it’s not the best idea this time of year.

She always promotes adoptions, but Eddy says this is a busy season, and you’re not in your normal family routine.

“Bringing an animal into the household might be a little disruptive more than normal,” she observes, “and then having guests over and not being able to get that young puppy or kitten into the typical family routine is a hard thing to try to correct a month or two after the holiday season.”

If you already have a kitten or puppy, keep safety practices in mind.

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“Watch that young kittens don’t get out,” Eddy advises. “We’re seeing a lot of kittens being found out in the cold and the snow; and holiday safety: just like you would childproof your Christmas tree, don’t forget to petproof your Christmas tree.”

NOAWS currently has close to 70 animals in its care.  It will, however, take a break over Christmas from fostering and adopting.

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