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Do you know any of these glee club members?

This week’s mystery photo from the Iroquois Falls Museum is of the 1949 high school glee club.

Museum volunteer Danny McIntyre shares it with us.

“We know the choirmaster is Vic Eisenbach,” he says, “but other than that, we don’t have ideas on anyone.”

There are 30 girls surrounding Eisenbach in the photo.

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”We have a copy actually posted in our Abitibi Room,” adds McIntyre, “of the original rental agreement where the mill agreed to rent Vic Eisenbach a house when he moved to Iroquois Falls, even though that wasn’t the norm, he wasn’t an Abitibi employee.”

Apart from his many duties at the high school, Eisenbach was very active in the community.

Take a look at the pic for yourself. If you recognize any of the glee club members, let the museum know on its Facebook page.

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