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New tool makes it more comfortable to report abuse at l’Université de Hearst

All three campuses of l’Université de Hearst are joining several other post-secondary schools in Canada, signing on to an online platform called “REES” – Respect, Educate, Empower Survivors.

Marketing and communication director Martine Laberge says it’s for students and staff to report any type of violence, be it bullying, abuse, harassment, discrimination or sexual violence.

“It gives survivors this platform or this tool to be able to take control back of what has happened to them,” she says.

The confidential platform educates the user on what might be their next step, such as reporting the incident to the university, police or a hospital. Laberge adds  that it also saves the information… include the victim wants to pursue a case.

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“It’s a good tool, because it does tell people, ‘Well, at this point, you may want to talk to police, you may want to do this. These are your options.’”

There’s much more on REES in our full interview with Laberge, the audio of which is posted below.

The percentage of abuse incidents on Canadian college and university campuses that are actually reported is in the single digits.

l’Université de Hearst has campuses in Hearst, Kapuskasing and Timmins.

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