With the beautiful weekend weather forecast, you might be planning to get a head start on Spring Cleanup in Iroquois Falls.

Mayor Tory Delaurier says it runs from Monday until May 26th. You still need a $20.00 permit to use the landfill site off Jacob’s Hill Road, but the tipping fee is suspended during that period.

“So it’s a good way of cleaning up stuff around the house, so you don’t have to pay a tipping fee,” notes the mayor. “We waive this for the two weeks every year at this time of the year.”

Delaurier says investors at looking at the town, so it would be nice to prove that Iroquois Falls is The Garden Town of the North.

“And they do know we are the Garden Town of the North,” he reports. “They say we do have a beautiful town. Whatever we can do to make it better, this is the time to take advantage of that.”

Mayor Delaurier hopes that once you’re finished cleaning up your own yard, you head out with your neighbours to do the same to other parts of the town.