Cochrane town council has approved the final draft design of the new Hillcrest playground.

It should cost just a few dollars below the $100,000 budgeted for the new play structures.

Community services director Jason Boyer told council that a panel of experts – Grade 3 students from all three elementary schools in town — provided input into the three plans that were finalists.

Councillors Dan Belisle and Robert Hutchinson asked about moving the ship and swings currently on the playground to Silver Queen playground. Boyer replied that none of them are up to safety standards, and Mayor Denis Clement intervened when questioning continued.

“As the director has mentioned, he’s looked a all of those scenarios,” the mayor said. “They’re too old and they don’t meet the standard. It’s unfortunate and it sounds ridiculous, but those are the rules, right? I think we’re just flogging a dead horse. Let’s just take the advice form the director. He’s done all his research and let’s move on.”

The successful design is from an Alberta company that has done installations across Canada.