Faced with rising costs and less provincial support, Cochrane town council has adopted a higher fee structure for its municipally owned day care centre.

Community services director Jason Boyer says the fees will rise by roughly two dollars, effective January 1st.

“For our toddlers, it would be from $34.50 a day to $36.50 a day, and same with our preschoolers,” he outlines. “And our infants would go from $34.50 a day to $37.50 a day.”

Boyer says in comparison to other municipalities and centres in the district, Cochrane still has the lowest.

“We were the lowest and even with the increase, we will still be among the lowest. The average fee is around $40 a day. Our average fee there is going to be about $36.50.”

Relief will come if and when the Ford government comes to a deal with the feds to implement ten-dollar-a-day care.