The only thing that could get in the way of the 2022 Cochrane Chimo Winter Carnival would be more COVID-19 restrictions.  Regardless, the Rec Board is charging ahead with carnival plans.

Rec board chair Sue Parton says it will end on Family Day Monday, February 21st. When it begins hasn’t been decided yet. Instead of a week-and-a-half, the plan is to condense it, with more than one event or activity per day.

“We’re looking at trying to bring it down to maybe five days so people can really concentrate on getting out and participating in the events and making it a family affair,” Parton explains.

The organizers are trying to bring back traditional events for the re-booted carnival, and maybe add some new ones.

Carnival lead Rick Westbrook says pandemic restrictions have already led to cancellation of the Miss Chimo pageant.

“They have to have a hundred percent capacity just to pay the bills,” he says. “And with the restrictions, they can’t distance by six inches, never mind six feet.”

Neither will there be a smash-up derby.  Drivers need more lead time to get their cars ready.