The every-second-Monday meal prepared and handed out free at the Hub in Iroquois Falls is a victim of its own success.

When it first started a couple years ago, says coordinator Sonia Gervais, it fed about 12 people.  Then it was forced by COVID-19 to shut down for a while.

“The first day that we reopened, we went to 48 people,” she says, “and from there, it just escalated and our highest number so far has been 119 people.”

As you can imagine, that means it needs donations of cash, grocery cards and non-perishable food.

“Pasta, rice, canned vegetables, spaghetti sauce, pasta sauce, soya sauce, sugar, different things like that,”  Gervais lists.  For more information, you can contact her at 705-465-0855 or listen to our conversation here: