Step 3 of COVID-19 recovery has allowed the Iroquois Falls Pioneer Museum to finally open for the summer. And it’s focussing on a special project involving photos.

Board member and volunteer Danny McIntyre says there are thousands of photos that were donated to the museum when the former Abitibi paper mill shut down.

“Any event that went on at the mill, pictures were taken, all ended up in stacks and stacks of large binders,” he explains. “Unfortunately, nothing identified. We’ve been through them and identified as many as we can, but there are a lot of faces that over years, you lose track of.”

There are also a couple boxes of photos from the defunct francophone newspaper, Boite a Nouvelles.

The picture wall.
(Photo submitted by Danny McIntyre)

“We have what we call a picture wall, which is a long hallway in the museum,” McIntyre says, “and yeah, just come in, if you recognize a face, let’s put a name to it.”

The museum is open Monday to Friday between 10:00am and 2:00pm all summer.  You can also check out the exhibits.  There’s no admission charge, but you can make a donation.