In May, 1994, Billy Konopelky announced construction of the Lillabelle Lake Lodge, about three miles north of Cochrane.  It’s our local history topic this week, from the archives of the Cochrane Public Library.

Archivist Ardis Proulx-Chedore reads from a front page report in the Cochrane Times.

“’It’s booked for the fall moose hunt and the place isn’t even booked yet,’ Konopelky said proudly.”

The two-storey building would have 14 rooms, some with kitchenettes.  The V.I.P. or honeymoon suite featured a Jacuzzi and a fireplace.

As Proulx-Chedore notes, Konopelky also planned to continue snowmobile races on the lake.

“’It will be easy to build and maintain the track here,’ Konopelky said. ‘This is our fourth year bringing snowmobilers from Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan.’”

Cochrane history comes alive in the library’s archives department.  All you need is a library card.

Judy, Mary and Betty out for a stroll with their keeper, Bobby Gibbs, bwetween performances of The Super Circus.
(Cochrane Public Library Archives)