An unsung but very visible part of the fight against COVID-19 in our region is the Cochrane District Emergency Medical Service.

Chief Jean Carriere says paramedics have been deployed across the district, in several functions.

“Assessment centres have been scaled back so we can focus on vaccination centres,” he notes. “However, we are still doing in-home testing for those that are convalescing and can’t make it in to an assessment centre.”

Chief Jean Carriere, Cochrane District EMS
(Bob McIntyre, staff)

The medics are also administering vaccinations in the same circumstances. Carriere adds that out on the road answering calls, there are more COVID-19 patients in their ambulances, handed off to hospitals. That prompts him to urge compliance with all the preventive measures.

“It is important that everybody does their part,” he states. “Our paramedics, our health care workers are dong their part and there’s nothing more insulting to our health care workers as when somebody is not doing their part out in the public.”