There’s a sweet back story to a walk planned in Cochrane next month, to raise money for the Brain Tumour Foundation.

Firefighter Dean Lake died of brain cancer in late January, about six weeks before the birth of his daughter, Pyper.  Publicity for the walk shows “Daddy” spelled with four D’s between the A and the Y.  Pyper’s Mom, Amy Brousseau says it comes from Dean writing a letter to Pyper on Christmas night.

“And he wrote her name, Pyper and when he wrote Daddy, because of the brain tumour, it affects your speech and it affects your writing and all that stuff,” she explains. “He wrote it with that many D’s and thought that’s how your write it.”

A crafty friend of Brousseau used the signature to make a poster that now hangs above Pyper’s change table.

(Photo supplied by Amy Brousseau)

Brousseau says the walk is one way that Pyper will always find a connection to the Daddy she’ll never meet.

“So this is gonna be our first annual, but I’m looking to honour him every year with our daughter and raise money for the Brain Tumour Foundation every year.”

Logistics for the June 27th walk are being set up.  To become involved, follow this link.