Motivation to get outdoors and get walking – physically distanced, of course – is being supplied by the Cochrane Public Library.

Ardis Proulx-Chedore, the assistant to the library CEO says the “Step Challenge” runs all through the month of May.  The idea is simply to walk around town.

“Then they can count their steps daily and weekly and submit them to us,” she details, “and we will tally everything up at the end of the month, then let everybody know where they stand.”

A fitness watch or cell phone app can do the counting for you.  At the end of May, library swag will be awarded to the five top walkers.

And just when you think the library has run out of things it can lend you on your card, Proulx-Chedore says you can borrow something to help you walk.

“We have walking poles. They’re like Nordic walking sticks that you can borrow with your library card, 100% free to do so.”

Details and registration are on the library website.