Provincial borders are closed, but our medical officer of health doesn’t think it would be practical to stop non-essential travel into our out of our region.

The Porcupine Health Unit’s Dr. Lianne Catton says she recognizes that people travel in and out for work and health care.  And she notes that the current surge in COVID-19 cases isn’t related at all to travel.

“The amount of spread that we’ve seen is really with our local communities and I think we need to recognize that as well,” Catton states.

Still, she adds, travel is an important consideration, especially with variants of the virus so prevalent now.  She urges everyone to stay home, and corrects any perception that coronavirus isn’t in your community.

“It is,” she insists. “We just haven’t found the case yet. That individual maybe hasn’t been tested yet, we haven’t seen a positive, but it’s circulating.”

Dr. Lianne Catton.
(File photo by Shane Button, staff)