UPDATE AT 5:00pm: Three more, bringing the totals to 418 cases, 48 currently active.  One in each of Timmins and the Hearst-Hornepayne area are under investigation regarding exposure; one in the “area of Cochrane, Matheson, Iroquois Falls and Smooth Rock Falls” is attributed to contact with another case.

UPDATE AT 1:40pm: Three more cases reported.  One each in Hearst-Hornepayne area and one in Timmins under investigation into how those people were exposed; and one in Timmins from contact of a case.  Total now 415, with 45 currently active.

As the pandemic shows no signs of going away yet, the Porcupine Health Unit finds itself with a total of 412 COVID-19 cases since it began.

Five cases were added to that total last night.  Forty-two are currently listed as active.



87,303 tests

412 positive

42 active

345 resolved

25 deaths


Source: Porcupine Health Unit, April 13, 2021