In Cochrane, you don’t have to wait for a health unit COVID-19 vaccine clinic.  If you’re 55, you can get jabbed in the arm at Wallace Drug Store.

Owner-pharmacist Frank Louvelle says it’s the AstraZeneca vaccine, and you need to call for an appointment.

“We’re looking at other methods down the road, but for right now, we’re really just trying to get our feet wet with this and get familiar with all the reporting that’s required, things like that,” Louvelle explains.

There is a slight possibility that once you book an appointment, you could be called to come in earlier.

“One of the issues with the vaccine is it comes in vials of ten doses,” says Louvelle. “Once we open that vial, it’s only good for six hours. We want as little waste as possible, so there may be some situations where we call someone in suddenly.”

The cost of vaccination is covered by the government.