This week’s look back at Cochrane history takes us to Empire Day, 1937.  It was a forerunner to Victoria Day.

Public library archivist Ardis Proulx-Chedore reads from the front page of the Northland Post on May 27th that year, about a program put on by the students of G.H. Ferguson School.  Special guests were members of the local chapter of the Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire.

“Presentaton of I.O.D.E  prize for the highest marks in history in the school since last September, by Mrs. F.C. Ivy and Mrs. N.McPhee. This presentation was made to Rocky Sisco, who had a percentage of 99.5.”

The program featured salutes, recitations and a performance by the school’s harmonica band.

Ardis Proulx-Chedore has the guest list:

“Members of the I.O.D.E present were Mrs. F.C. Ivy, Mrs. N. McPhee, Mrs. R.E. Reid, Mrs. E. Hellyer and Mrs. S. Warner. Members of School Board present R.A. Harkness and R.M. Grant.”

The archives are available to anyone with a Cochrane Public Library card.