The co-chair of the South Centennial Manor redevelopment fundraising committee says it’s fantastic news that the new long-term care home in Iroquois Falls will have 96 beds.

Suzanne deLaplante says last week’s provincial announcement is a long time coming.

“The planning committee got together in February 2011 and then we received approval in 2016 for 69 beds,” she recounts. The application to increase the capacity to 96 beds was submitted last June.

With that hurdle cleared, deLaplante says it’s time for naysaying and hesitation to donate to the project to end. “We were positive. Our group were positive and that’s what we need. We need members in our community to bring positive thoughts and positive action, not negativity.”

Construction on the new building behind Anson General Hospital is expected to begin in the fall, with a projected 24-month schedule.